Founded on the cornerstones of honoring and supporting our military, we view the
well-being of our veterans, active-duty military and their families as our sole mission.

honoring our heroes . . .

We believe that every individual that has served or is currently serving in our nation's armed forces, is worthy of being treated with honor and gratitude in all of our communities.

We work with communities nationwide to help them recognize and honor those individuals within that community that merit such honor.

mission based mindset . . .

Our military mission mindset is at the core of everything we do as an organization as well as for our military.

This allows us to target specific goals as an organization then develop a systematic plan to meet those objectives and the needs of our members - NO EXCEPTIONS.

~ failure is never an option. ~

supporting their cause . . .

We strongly believe that every man and woman that has served honorably in the United States Military, as well as their families, is worthy of support and assistance if and when the need arises.

We seek those veterans and military families that truly need assistance and do our "military" best to meet that need, whatever it may be.

we are a military family . . .

Serving in the U.S. military is a unique experience, and only those who have served and their families can truly understand the committment it requires. Less than 1% of all Americans can belong to that family.

That is why we strive to honor and support our heroes  - They are family and we help family out.

mission mindset . . .

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miss•sion /miSHÉ™n/

in a military setting, a term meaning the pursuit of achieving the objective of an individual's or team's duty, aim or desired result.

the success of any mission is reliant upon FOUR things . . .

1]  specifically identifying the desired

       goals or objectives to be achieved

formulating the specific strategies  [2

 necessary to achieve each goal      

3]  arranging or creating the means

      required to achieve each objective

implementing, directing, and  [4
monitoring steps in proper sequence,      
then adapting the process as needed      
identifies the goals or objectives to be achieved
identifies the goals or objectives to be achieved